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Dakota Chappy

simple, unique, passionate personal style. 

Dakota Chappy is the representation of thousands of miles traveled, countless hours of research, and the endless pursuit of offering the women of North Dakota and even the world the very best options the industry has to offer in fashion and better living products.

We are professionals at finding, designing, and offering anti-fatigue wardrobe solutions for women of all ages and sizes.


Our Mission is simple, honest, and true:

Change Lives-Serve Women. We are here to help women love themselves again.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“I finally got to Dakota Chappy! Loved it! Awesome store & class act service. Got to meet Chappy, Daniel, Wendy & rest of staff. All prior purchases were made online & nothing short of quality service. Tara is the best. Can't get to store? I recommend online. You will not be disappointed.

Review from Mikki

I've been looking for a certain kind of dress for years. Seriously actual years! I live in Los Angeles and have never found what I'm looking for. I went into Dakota Chappy sort of randomly while visiting family and there was my dress!!! I also got a total tight which frankly, I just want to buy 6 more of and just wear that as my everyday uniform with maybe a scarf and jewelry, ha ha. I also scored a perfect belt. Chappy is really rad and the rest of the staff (and customers) were super awesome too. Thanks for the great shopping experience and I'll come see you next time I'm in town .”

Review from Andrea

Going into Dakota Chappy is always a great experience all around. Wonderful friendly people who are always willing to help, and i just love the clothing selection. If you haven't been to Dakota Chappy I highly recommend you check it out!!!

Review from Ashley

Today was my first time visiting Dakota Chappy and I loved it! The staff is amazing! They all worked together to help me pick some amazing pieces. If you're not a big fan of shopping this is the place for you. The ladies were so helpful, honest, and fun. I can't wait to wear my total tight with my reversible wedges. Thanks again ladies!

Review from Sarah

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